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Jodi FTM

This podcast is motivating, action-oriented, and fun to listen to...all because Kamie's conversational style and gift of creating meaningful moments with great guests. I learn something new with every episode. Worth listening to again and again!

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Dr. Wasi Saleem

I'm so honored to write this as I was asked to be on this phenomenal podcast as a guest!!! Kamie is super authentic, positive and just an all around amazing person with such valuable nuggets of wisdom and she has the ability to really cheer people on to help them achieve their goals and dreams!! Her audience is amazing and each episode of hers is inspiring and uplifting! It's just what entrepreneurs need for the at times tough journey we go on to pursue our passions and live to our fullest potential! I highly recommend following this podcast to help you level up your professional and personal life!

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Thank you, Kamie for creating a space where entrepreneurs can share what it's really like to be a biz owner. I've binged so many episodes because knowing others have gone through the ugly times and made it through is so helpful and truly encouraging. Thank you for this podcast!