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how to get unstuck and

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I listen to so many podcasts and this one is different! I love the way Kamie insists on talking about the failures, mistakes, and heartache that often, I mean really always, litter the road to success. I was a fan when I listened to this show, and became an even bigger fan after having the honor of being interviewed myself (Episode 174)! Very inspirational and love the focus on women!

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Jin Wi

Thank you so much for this podcast with Matthew Brackett. It was such a moving, insightful, and powerful conversation. Disillusionment can be a breaking point for so many people and Matthew really opened up the reality of walking through that door with humility, realism, and confidence. I think in those moments we can forget that there is a bigger picture, a bigger plan that is really wonderful. I really appreciated the reminder and re-focus Matthew offered. Amazing podcast, so helpful and inspiring. Looking forward to future conversations.

Podcast Listener

Susan Harrow

Your interview with Judi Fox was so energizing! I loved that you both noted that when you appear on stage or on a show with someone famous you're seen as equals. That's what publicity can do for your audience as well. When they appear on a respected show they are seen as a respected and revered expert. Great upbeat energy!


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